Fuck all Libyans and Arabs and Muslims and Persians and Berbers, either at home or abroad. Fuck off you fucking bullshits and terrible and miserable and trash. Renounce my fucking libyan citizenship and Fuck Off. If someone hurts you, it means he dislike you and disgust from you and hates you the most. I am Zakaria Mustafa Abushima, I hate Libyans in Libya or abroad and those of dual-citizenship along all of my biological family including uncles and cousins and aunts and their husbands and I dislike Libyans and disgust from Libyans. I am British, I was born and lived the whole of my life in the UK, I have not got any association to you. Are you worried about a british citizen, you fucking miserable and terrible trash? Renounce my fucking Libyan citizenship, its better for you. I am not reading another of my only country, the United Kingdom, government documents or writing another word anywhere until 28-05-2018, which is the date on which you will either way fuck off and bugger off at least from the United Kingdom and its Citizens.